The Ruby Red Queen of SIrius

Our newest girl Ruby is a super chunky soft and wrinkly sweetheart! She's a combination of Hungarian and Russian champion lines. Amazing quality and the best disposition. This girl is the perfect addition to add to our bulldog family!  

The Mighty King MIDAS of Sirius

This handsome blue fawn stud is our boy MIDAS. In addition to amazing quality and perfect health, this lovable boy is a triple rare color carrier and has been proven to produce big beautiful litters of quality english bulldog puppies in a rainbow of colors! 

The Southern Belle of SIrius

BELLE is the all star athlete in the family. She is the very definition of exceptional health & physical fitness for an English Bulldog! Completely free from any breathing issues, this little 45 pound girl can out run, jump and maneuver every bulldog we have ever seen! BELLE is a very nice red & black sable and she can also produce gorgeous blue or black tricolor puppies! 

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The Sparkling Star of Sirius

SPARKY is a litter mate sister to our girl STELLA. This awesome girl is a perfectly marked clear pointed black tricolor English Bulldog. She has also proven to produce some really awesome blue, chocolate, black and lilac english bulldog puppies!

Miss Minnie Might of SIrius

MINNIE is a true Miniature English Bulldog! And a daughter of our very own BELLE & MIDAS. Healthy and free from any breathing issues, this tiny little girl is just 35# and 12" tall at the shoulder! MINNIE is a perfect full blue tricolor and we look forward to the gorgeous mini bulldogs we can expect from her! 

The Princess STELLA of Sirius

STELLA is a litter mate sister to our girl SPARKY. This stunning girl is a pied black & white tricolor english bulldog. She has an amazing build, almost perfect stance & structure and the ability to produce some very beautiful blue english bulldog puppies!

​​Sirius English Bulldogs