We started breeding AKC english bulldogs by first choosing our bulldogs from only the healthiest of the AKC pedigree lines. And then to be able to contour to the individual females needs we are very selective about deciding on which studs that we use for breeding. Being able to select & combine the best lines from all over the United States allows us to produce an exceptional quality bulldog for your new family pet!

The little things

Being a small family in-home breeder our dogs are first and most importantly our beloved family pets and they live a pampered life with us in our home. We also believe proper nutrition is important for the health & well being of any dog and we feed only the best quality foods high In protein from multiple sources.

We take the time to individually hand raise our puppies 24/7 for the first 8 weeks. This gives us an opportunity to properly ween and socialize our puppies with not only adults and children but also with other dogs to help ensure happy healthy confident bulldog puppies!

Visit Us

We are located in Waukesha, Wisconsin. And when you are ready for a new english bulldog puppy, we welcome you to come and visit us. We are very proud of our bullies and all of our babies. And if you have the opportunity let us encourage you to come and meet our bulldog family. Once you decide on a puppy and place a deposit you would also be welcome to come and visit your new baby again before they are 8 weeks old and ready to go to their new home. 


We believe that purchasing a puppy online shouldn't be a guessing game! We will always be happy to provide you with all of the information and pictures that you need to make an educated decision.

International Export and Delivery are no problem.

And when you are ready for your new puppy, we would be glad to assist you with all the arrangements.

  • United Airlines PETSAFE Travel Program
  • Airline Puppy Nanny
  • Hand Delivered in Person

Why Choose Sirius English Bulldogs?

Wisconsin's premier English Bulldog Breeder...

We bring excellence to the NEW PUPPY experience.

Standing above the rest, SIRIUS in the constellation Canis Major is the brightest star in the night sky and is otherwise known as the dog star! Serious is also the manner in which we choose to breed English Bulldogs by striving to produce exceptional quality, healthy, happy puppies that will make the best possible addition to any family for many years to come!  

We love sharing our passion for English Bulldogs one puppy at a time. Thank you for considering us for your new English Bulldog Puppy!

Company Profile

​​Sirius English Bulldogs

Wisconsin's Premier English Bulldog Breeder 

Specializing In Unique & Standard Color

AKC English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

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Included with ALL of OUR PUPPIES...

  • AKC Registration Paperwork
  • MICROCHIP ID (AKC Reunite) 
  • Up to date on Vaccinations
  • Veterinary Health Certificate
  • 1 year Health Guarantee 
  • Verified Parasite Free
  • Small Bag of All Life Stages Dog Food
  • Baby Blanket (with scent of mom & littermates)
  • Puppy Toys
  • Leash & Harness
  • Puppy Treats
  • Baby Wipes
  • Lots of great information about bulldogs
  • Lifetime of breeder support


  • Waukesha, Wisconsin